Pizza making


pizzaToday me and Jennifer created our own pizza. We ended up with Cheese, ham and pepperoni as our ingredients, I am pretty bland when it comes to food, so the pepperoni was just for Jen!

We cheated a little, the base was store bought, you just had to roll it out straight and it was good to go, very impressed with this, was super easy and was very nice when cooked too.

Jennifer enjoyed getting her hands stuck in, grating cheese and spreading the meats over. All-in-all was a success as she ate every last bit.

Zero padding


This week I needed to create a zero padding value, I wanted to create something which was dynamic. You can set the number of padding zeros and the value, it will sort the rest.  I then created a MSSQL function to hold this for future use.

DECLARE @NumberOfDigits INT SET @NumberOfDigits = 8
DECLARE @Value INT SET @Value = 2010
DECLARE @ReturnValue VARCHAR(50)

SET @ReturnValue = CONVERT(VARCHAR(50), @Value);
SET @ReturnValue = REPLICATE('0', @NumberOfDigits - DATALENGTH(@ReturnValue)) + @ReturnValue;

SELECT (@ReturnValue)

Result 00002010

Weekend at Hotel 41


Hotel 41 It’s not every day your Fiancée turns 25, so I thought, there is no better way to spend it than at her favourite place…. London!

So I set out to find a place to stay as beautiful as her, that ticks all the boxes, with a mix of decent food,  beautiful surroundings and a place where she would be pampered from the moment she arrived.

I came across Hotel 41 really by accident, it just happens to be rated number 1 on trip advisor for London. It offered a food pantry, Gemma loves to snack and to try a little bit of everything, so this ticked the food box.  Next the surroundings, well, it’s a 5 minute walk to Buckingham palace, so it doesn’t get much more beautiful than that.

The final box was the pampering, looking on their website it mentioned a special package which included Champers, a basket of goodies and a bespoke cake (See picture). So, this was the hotel I settled on.

Well, I can honestly say, I was not disappointed, Gemma absolutely loved it and she never stopped smiling. I would defiantly recommend Hotel 41, the price is a little steep, but for a central location in London, you do kind of expect that. They parked our car for us, so we didn’t have to worry about that either. Anything we wanted/needed was no trouble, every member of staff got to know us and made us feel like we were sat in our own home.